Sunday, August 4, 2013

Juicing FAQ's

When first learning about juicing, I had so many questions. I'm sure you do too. Here are a some important and helpful FAQ's that have helped me understand the process more.

What do I need to start juicing?
- A juicer that can actually juice vegetables and fruits properly to get the right amount of nutrients
- Fresh veggies & fruit (doesn't have to be organic if you are on a budget like I am, just make sure you wash your produce thoroughly, to avoid pesticides, and to keep everything fresh)
- Do your research, learn as much as you can about the process and see if it's fit for you
- Consult your doctor if you plan on fasting
- Set a goal, and plan out how you will reach that goal
- Willpower and motivation! 

How many juices should I drink a day?
It is recommended that you drink at least 16-20 ounces of juice to substitute a meal. If you are fasting it is best to try to drink at least 4-6 juices, at least 64 ounces of juice a day. 

How often should I drink juice?
Well it depends on what you are trying to do. If you are just planning on substituting some meals, then you would drink it at the time you would usually eat that meal you are substituting. If you are fasting, then you can drink a juice for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack or dessert when you feel hungry. If you feel your stomach growling, then you know it's time for a juice!

Can I drink water while juicing?
Absolutely!! The more water you drink, the better!! Drinking lots of water while juicing will help keep your body hydrated, and will also help you flush all the toxins you are trying to get rid of. It is important to drink lots of water, to avoid nausea, headaches, and feeling weak. Your body will crave water!

How many fruits and veggies do I use to make one juice?
The rule to follow is that you should try to always keep it 80% vegetable and 20% fruit.

Can I drink coffee while on a juice fast?
The answer is NO! Coffee contains lots of toxins because of the caffeine. If you are addicted to coffee or anything with caffeine, you should definitely try to ween yourself off of it before you start your fast. You could experience some serious headaches if you jump right in to it and do it cold turkey.

Can I fast if I am on prescribed medication?
Please consult with your doctor first to make sure your medication will not affect your fast.

Can I exercise during a fast?
Yes, you can. You have to increase the intensity of whatever work out you choose to do. Walking is plenty enough of exercise while fasting. A few days in to your fast, you will have so much energy that you could probably pick up the pace a little bit more, like maybe do 20 minutes or so of zumba.

Can you drink alcohol  or smoke?
NO you cannot drink alcohol or smoke during a fast, because by doing so, you will be putting toxins back in your body.

Will I get enough protein from juicing?
There is actually a good amount of natural protein in many vegetables and fruits. You can find a good amount of protein in vegetables such as kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, broccoli, peas, and carrots. 

Can I make my juices ahead of time?
Yes, you can. The nutrients are the most potent within 48 hours. So you can make juices for 2 days worth. (72 hours is maximum time suggested)

What do I store my juice in?
You can store your juice in any airtight container to prevent any oxygen from getting in your juice.  Exposure to oxygen can degrade and break down all the nutrients in your juice. It's also recommended to use glass, but plastics will work too. We found that using mason jars works the best! It's convenient, it seals your juices tight, and keeps your juices super cold!

Can you use a blender on a juice fast?
NO! You need to use a juicer because the juicer will seperate the fibers from the juices and a blender will not. It's important to eliminate the fibers and pulp from your diet. Your digestive system needs to absorb the nutrients without having to use energy to digest all those fibers.

Is it okay to chew gum?
Yes, but look for gum without any artificial sweetners and one that is natural.

Do I juice peels and stems?
Stems actually produce more fluid, so it is okay to juice those. As far as the peels, that's up to your preference. The peels do contain important nutrients but can cause the juice to taste a little bitter. 

What if I get a headache?
Drink lots of water and make sure to stay hydrated!

I am not an expert or anything, I'm just sharing information from my personal experience, and what I learned from researching.

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