Monday, August 5, 2013

Let the juicing begin!

My fiancé and I are actually on our 6th day of our juice fast/reboot! I was inspired to start a blog about my experience so far, because I was getting so many people asking me questions about what this whole juice fast thing was all about. Well, I was already keeping my own personal journal about it, might as well document everything online, where I can share my journey with everyone. Hopefully it can inspire you as others have inspired me.

So, we first introduced juicing in to our diet on July 24, 2013, 12 days ago. Our juicer finally arrived and I couldn't wait to start juicing! First thing was first, read our juicer manual of course, since we never owned a juicer before and had no idea how this thing works. Well the instructions were pretty simple, and the set up was a breeze. The juicer that we have is awesome! It seemed pretty easy to clean, has a pulp catcher, and has a wide chute, big enough to toss a whole apple in. I was feeling pretty confident that this would be easy!

Then it was time to figure out what recipes we wanted to try first. We have already decided that we did not want to jump straight in to a fast, we wanted to juice for breakfast and lunch, and try to eat a healthy  meal for dinner. The problem is there were so many juice recipes out there, so I was a little overwhelmed with what to start off with. I went back to the 3-Day Plan Guide found on Joe's website.

This guide definitely helps you figure out where to start.

So we picked 2 different types of orange recipes for breakfast and decided to stick with one green recipe for lunch.

For our orange recipes we chose:

Carrot Apple Lemon
4 carrots
2 apples
1 lemon
(Makes about 12 oz or more)

*This recipe taste delicious! It gives you lots of energy to get your morning started!

4 carrots
2 oranges
1 beet
(Makes about 12 oz or more)

* This recipe also provides you with tons of energy, but we were not too fond of the beets. Even peeling the beets still leaves a pretty strong earthy taste. We still use this recipe, but we just take out the beets and add lemon. 

For our green recipe we decided to stick to Joe's Mean Green!

Joe's Mean Green
6 kale leaves (Australian Tuscan cabbage)
1 cucumber
2 celery stalks
1 green apple
1/2 lemon
Small piece of ginger root (1"/2.5cm)
(Makes about 12 oz or more )

* This recipe is one of my favorites. We use this one for all of our lunch and dinners now, because it really does fill you up, and makes you feel like you are eating an actual healthy meal! We have taken out the celery stalks though, the juice from the celery was just too overpowering. I love eating celery, but juicing it was just too strong, and takes over all the other flavors in the recipe, in my opinion.

So it was time to make our shopping list and go to the grocery. The recipes above make just about enough for one juice each, so for every recipe we had to double the ingredients since we were juicing for two. The two ingredients that were very hard for us to find was kale and beets. We had to go to 3 different stores, before finally giving in and going go to Whole Foods. Don't get me wrong, Whole Foods is great for people who can afford it, but if we were going to juice, we had to stick to a budget that we could maintain, through out this process. It could get pretty pricey if we were doing all of our shopping at  Whole Foods. I've never even heard of kale before, and neither has my fiancé, so we didn't even really know what it looked like. This is the main ingredient for our green recipe, so we knew we needed bunches of them. They were about $3.99 for a bunch at Whole Foods, so you can see how it can get pretty pricey if we were going to juice every day. 

Well, we decided we were going to supplement breakfast and lunch with juice and eat a normal and healthy dinner for a week, before fasting. It was definitely a mission to get all the ingredients we needed, because we weren't really sure yet on how much we needed to last us a few days. We were up for the challenge, and we were ready!


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