Saturday, August 3, 2013


My journey to discovering juicing began at one of our family gatherings, when my brother from Houston, was in town. He mentioned that he would like to try and start "juicing". He explained to me that it was a healthy way to start cleansing your body of all the nasty toxins that we all put in our bodies on a daily basis. He also explained that by introducing "juicing" in to your diet, you would be able to consume a lot more healthy nutrients that your body probably lacks. A juice fast can help you start off fresh and get rid of all the toxic food and junk that you have been consuming. He said that "juicing" was aa great and healthy way to lose weight. And BAM, that's when I really started paying attention. I'm getting married in January 2014, and have been trying to lose some excess weight so I can look my best on my wedding day. I've tried so many diets, weight watchers, 3 day military diet, etc... and well yeah they worked but it was very hard to maintain if you don't stick to it. So at this point I was curious and wanted to do more research on what "juicing" was all about.

I've heard people talk about juice fast detoxes, but never really bought in to all the hype because I figured it was just another popular fad diet going around. There's so many different ones out there and a new one pops up almost every day. So, why would "juicing" be any different?

 Well a few months passed since my brother and I first discussed "juicing", and finally he decided to try it. I was still on the fence about it, but totally supported him on his 10 day juice fast journey. He updated my family and I every day about how he was doing, how great he felt, how energized he felt, and how much weight he was losing. He said that he felt the healthiest he's felt in a while. So now I was determined to try it, and so was my fiancĂ©, which was great because I knew I wasn't going in to this on my own. My brother recommended that we watch "Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead", a Joe Cross Film, on Netflix. A documentary all about "juicing".

So my fiancĂ© and I watched it and it was one of the most inspiring documentaries we have ever seen!  We were still pretty apprehensive about "jucing" before watching the documentary. Our first thoughts were, there is no way drinking juice can really fill you up like a normal meal could.  It seemed so impossible and extreme. I mean how can this be healthy, just drinking juice as a meal? And already, we were doubting our willpower. I wasn't so sure we could actually do this, but after watching the documentary, we were totally inspired by Joe's story, and all the other people's stories that were featured in the documentary. We knew we hadto at least try it out. 
If they can do it, why can't we? 

Our main goal when we first heard about juicing, was just to really lose weight, but after seeing this documentary, it really shows how beneficial juicing can be for your health overall. And that definitely gave us the extra push to really want to do it. We had one more vacation coming up, so our goal was to start juicing once we were done splurging, one last time.


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