Welcome to my little space on the world wide web! So Fresh & So Green is all about my journey on discovering a new and healthy lifestyle, by incorporating juices made of only fresh veggies & fruits in my diet. "By juicing you can help regain or sustain your vitality, introduce more healthy habits, and lose weight"-rebootwithjoe.com 

I'm a filipino girl who lives in New Orleans. With that said, if you don't know any filipinos or have never been to New Orleans, you may not know about the abundance of wonderful and delicious food that surrounds our culture. Filipinos love to get together just so we can enjoy a feast of tasty filipino dishes! It's just in our blood, it's a big part of our culture. You will never be able to walk in to a filipino's house without getting offered something to eat first. You will always be greeted with a "Hello, are you hungry, you want to eat?" lol We also eat white rice with almost everything, and a lot of our dishes include pork. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with rice and pork, but it's hard to stop eating so much of it when it's so good! 

On top of that, New Orleans has some of the best restaurants around, and the food down here is quite unique! I mean that's what New Orleans is known for... Mardi Gras, party city, & DELICIOUS food! I haven't been to a ton of places around the world, but I have to say from my own experience of growing up and living here, we probably have some of the best food around, in my opinion. Seafood is always fresh, and creole food is just amazing! There's always a new restaurant that pops up, and the variety just keeps on expanding. We don't have many franchised restaurants, so some of the best food around are found at little mom & pop restaurants. You have so many options. Discovering new restaurants, and having dinner and drinks has become a fun thing to do with friends, now that I am in my 30's. Not to mention all the food festivals we have throughout the year! We even have a one day festival just to celebrate all the different types of po boy's (a New Orleans style of sandwich made using french bread)  that restaurants and vendors have to offer. I love this city! 

 So being filipino and living in New Orleans, has made it extremely hard for me to resist all the temptation that's always around because the food is just soooo good! For the past couple of years my weight has gone up and down and, as I've gotten older, I've also developed some health issues. I have a panic disorder, and have had problems with my thyroid. Also my cholesterol level wasn't looking too good, and I've had some issues with high blood pressure. Diabetes runs in my family, so I was scared that I would become diabetic if I didn't do something to change the way I lived and ate. It was time to find something that I can do to help maintain a healthier lifestyle and of course, get fit! More importantly, I am getting married soon, and would like to start a family in the future.

So, I discovered juicing! My brother was my first inspiration that helped pushed me to learn more about what juicing was all about. After hearing about his successful 10 day juice fast/reboot, I decided to look further in to it. I watched the documentary, "Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead", a Joe Cross Film, and I was completely inspired and sold! I had to give it a try! So here you can read about my journey, and I hope I can inspire you as well.  


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