Sunday, August 4, 2013


So while waiting for our juicer to come in, I did a lot of research on juicing and rebooting. Most of my research started on Joe's website, All the information you need to know is on the site, as far as how to get started, what a reboot is, the benefits of juicing, and tons of recipes.

I started looking through the different PLANS on the website, to find a guide that can help start our juicing journey, and we decided to start with the basic recipes on the 3 Day Quick Start .

I also searched all over the web for other sources of information and read about other people's experiences. I even researched youtube to see what would pop up, and found an interesting channel where this girl kept a video blog about her 10 day fast. You can check out Toya's journey through her youtube channel here: Toya's 10 Day Fast. It was interesting to see how she documented every day of her fast, on how she felt, what she was doing to keep her mind off of food, and what exercises she was doing during her fast. It was also very inspiring to see her results. Seeing Toya's videos and learning about what she did to prepare herself for her juice fast gave me a better understanding of how to prepare myself for my own fast. She did not jump straight in to a juice fast/detox. She actually incorporated juicing in her diet first, by substituting a few meals for like 2 weeks, while still eating normal meals.

You can find more success stories on Joe's site here: Success Stories

The idea of going on a juice fast was scary to me, I didn't know how my body would react, so I was inspired to introduce it in our diet first before actually doing a fast. My fianc√©  and I discussed it, and we talked about what time of the day we actually felt the most hungry. We decided it was during the evening time. So we had a plan, we were going to slowly introduce juicing in our diet by juicing only breakfast and lunch for a week, and then try doing a reboot.

Feeling good, about now having a plan on how to start, I decided I also wanted to keep a journal to document everything during our journey. The first thing I did was make a list of all the reasons why I wanted to try juicing and what I wanted to accomplish from it. I recommend everyone should do this before juicing or before going on any type of a challenging diet. I know I can always go back to that list if I start to doubt my willpower to continue. It's a great way to motivate yourself.

People also recommend that before going on a juice fast, you should try to start changing your diet by eating healthier and cutting out all the junk. If you take prescription drugs, you should also consult your doctor first to make sure it is okay to do a juice fast. I got the okay from my doctor and was now ready for the challenge!


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