Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Reboot Day 1 - Easy Breezy

The night before our first day of our fast, we had to load up on all our fresh fruits and veggies which meant another trip to the grocery. We had to buy a whole lot more of ingredients this time around, because well that's all we would be "eating" (yes eating!) for the next couple of days. Rebooting is definitely NOT cheap, but it's so worth it, because you know everything you are buying is going to be good for you! It's an investment to better your health! (And you have to remember we were shopping for two people) It was so odd to see our basket full of nothing but vegetables and fruits, and just seeing that already made me feel healthy!

* Our fridge loaded with fresh goodies!

That night, I also noticed my back was itching really bad, and when I looked at it, it was swollen! Something definitely bit me, and I panicked, because I am severely allergic to insect bites! If I don't treat myself with benadryl right away, I end up getting really puffy and my throat starts closing up. I've been to the emergency room plenty of times before because of my horrible reactions. I saw the doctor on our first day of fast, and he told me something had bit me but did not know what. So in order to get the inflammation to go down, he gave me a cortisone shot.

First day for us was went pretty well. We had a normal Orange drink for breakfast with carrots, apple and lemon. For lunch and dinner we stuck with the Mean Green. It is very important to stick to a green juice for your important meals like lunch and breakfast, because it's mostly vegetables and you get a lot of protein from it. I feel that it keeps you feeling full, so I actually like it for my main meal. Drank plenty of water throughout the day, and flushed out lots of it as well! =) In between lunch and dinner, we actually snacked on a handful of nuts. I had raw almonds, and my fiancĂ© had unsalted cashews. The rule is to not snack on anything at all, but I don't think a few nuts will really hurt, and my brother did this during his fast. If it makes it easier for you to not go grab a bag of chips and stick to your fast, than why not? You don't have to be super religious about it. Before bed, we drank a nice hot herbal tea.

I think it really helped that we didn't jump straight in to a fast, because our bodies were already used to the juices, and our hunger was more controllable since we have been eating less "actual food" every day before our reboot. We didn't experience any weakness or headaches or any nasty side effects that can sometimes happen to people when starting a juice fast. When researching about juice fasting, most people say the first day is always the easiest. They also say the second day is not as bad but most people experience the third day as the hardest day to get through because your body is detoxing, and all the toxins are coming out of you, so it can cause you to almost feel ill and very weak. We were happy to get through our first day and we were ready for more! Seeing the pounds come off already, added extra motivation for us to keep going!


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