Thursday, August 8, 2013

Reboot Days 3 & 4 - Juice Love

Days 3 and 4 was actually pretty easy! We were worried about all the horror stories about the 3rd day being the hardest day, but it wasn't bad at all for us. Again, I think the reason why it was so easy was because we didn't jump straight in to a fast, I'm a firm believer now that you should really prepare yourself right and ease in to it before jumping in to a fast, because it has definitely worked for us. I thought by now we would cave and eat something, but we were still focused and determined to meet our goal!

We were actually loving juicing! Juicing was really fun for us, it was like cooking together! We had a our own system going. We had this juicing thing down! We found a flow that worked for us! Set up, pulling out ingredients, washing, peeling, cutting, than juicing was all done in our own organized way that made the process much easier. It just felt good to be on this journey together. During our fast we didn't plan on going out very much, we just wanted to stay focus. Usually when the weekend comes around, we have dinner and drinks with friends on Fridays. Saturdays after our shop closes, we usually have something going on, maybe go out bar hopping or something. Sundays we usually spend the day relaxing or taking our pup Nacho out to the park, or go to the movies. There's always tons of things to do in New Orleans! But we wanted to avoid any temptation during our fast so we wanted to lay low, and just take it day by day. It definitely helps when your significant other is juicing with you since you will both be "eating" the same thing. I could only imagine how hard it would have been if one of us was still eating steaks and stuff, while the other was juicing. I think that would have been pretty challenging for us if that was the case.

Since we started the fast we have also been drinking our juices in plastic containers, with a sealed top on them, like the ones used to hold your water, when you are on the go. Well I ended up buying us like 3 containers each, and they were around $5.00 ea., and they were not as easy to drink from, because some of the containers we had, had little sip slots that prevented enough juice from coming out when we were drinking our meals. It was kind of annoying how long you had to tip the container in order to get some juice to come out. So I was researching other alternatives. And I found some people use mason jars. Duh, like why didn't I think of this before?! I have tons of mason jars already because I'm using a lot of them to create our wedding center pieces. And the pint size jars are 16 ounces each, so it worked out perfectly! Mason jars are glass, so it keeps the juice way colder, and it has a super sealed top, which helps prevent any oxygen from coming in! And to get a dozen of mason jars, was like $7-$8! I got most of my mason jars from Dollar General, but I hear you can find them at certain Wal-Marts as well! I highly recommend using them to store your juices!! So convenient and so easy to just quickly grab and small enough to pack in a little lunch bag. And I must say again, keeps your juices super cold, which I love!!

*Breakfast & lunch now fit perfectly in my little lunch bag to take to work!

*Leaves you tons of extra space in your fridge to store more goodies!

*So much more convenient! Seeing the colors of the juice helps you know which one to grab for what meal! And it just looks super cool, lol. (we are both artists, so we enjoyed seeing all the different colors)

*Rash update: Was still really itchy and was still flaring up once in a while. Still not sure if it had anything to do with detox or was simply a reaction to my cortisone shot. I was hoping it would go away because it was just super annoying! I continued to take benadryl every time I felt super itchy and inflamed. 

My brother and I have also been encouraging my mom to incorporate juicing in her diet, because she gets severe migraines almost every other day. It gets so bad sometimes, that she ends up not having an appetite. The only thing she can really eat is a small snack and drink coffee. A lady on Joe's "Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead" documentary, also suffered from migraines, so we thought our mom should give it a try. My mom didn't have a juicer yet, because she wanted to try to see if it was something that she would like, so we ended up spending our Friday night bringing our juicer to my parents house, and juiced my mom 3 days worth of juices. I was tired, but it felt good to know that this could possibly help my mom feel better. 


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