Saturday, August 31, 2013

Reboot Days 11-14 - Juice Flow

*Added a new fruit to our regular breakfast recipe! Yum!!

Cantaloupe Pineapple
-8 to 10 carrots
-2 oranges
-1/2 lemon
-3 slices of pineapple
-4-5 slices of cantaloupe
(makes about 30-32 oz's, feel free to add how ever much of each fruit to your liking)

The further we got in to our reboot, the more experimental we got with our recipes! The idea was to stick to the basic as the base, and then add fruits and veggies that we think would compliment the juice. It's important to get creative, and give yourself more options in the flavors of juices you will be consuming. It helps keep things interesting and is a big way to keep juicing enjoyable!

Our main goal was to do a reboot for 12 days, until we had our rehearsal dinner tasting, but it was re-scheduled for a later date, so plans changed. My fiancé actually ended his fast on Day 10. He lost 18 lbs!! He continued to juice for breakfast and lunch, but was eating dinner. I decided to keep on going, and my goal was to do 20 days. I was feeling so good, and my body was so used to the juice, that I knew I could keep going. I no longer had any cravings for "real" solid food. My fiancé broke his fast at one of our local, tasty restaurants, and he said that food was so great, he almost felt like he was "food drunk." lol His first solid meal was a filet mignon with some delicious mash potatoes. He didn't feel sick and realized his appetite was not as big as before the fast. He did not over eat, and felt very full, really fast. He was quite surprised by how much his body has transformed. It really does work people!! I am now fully convinced that juicing really does your mind and body good!

I even have my boss juicing now, to try to help her with her migraines and to help her get extra nutrients that her body may need! She's loving it so far! Makes me feel so good  introducing juicing to others!

*Me & Boss Lady's cheers to our Mean Greens!

On Day 11, we had tickets to go see my team play at the Superdome for their first pre-season game! I was debating if I wanted to go or not. I haven't really been out and about since on my fast, and was worried about temptations that would surround me, but I couldn't miss seeing my Saints play! So I toughed it out, and brought my Mean Green with me to drink while my fiancé picked up some quick dinner. I even brought my green inside the restaurant with me! Definitely got some stares, but I didn't care! It felt good to know that I can sit in an actual restaurant while everyone is eating, and still have the will power to not eat or pick at any solid food. It was a very rewarding feeling!

*Enjoying my mean green right before the game! Who Dat! 

Days 12-14 went pretty well! I was focused and ready to keep going on with my journey! I was determined to make it to 20 days! Over the days, we went to a few social events, and one was a cookout!! I was pretty nervous about that one, but I brought my Mean Green with me, and brought a veggie & fruit dish, and did not eat one thing from the cookout! I was very proud of myself, because trust me, it was very very tempting, and everything was so delicious! Stuck to it, and stayed dedicated!

Here are a few more of my fave recipes:

Berry Twist
- 8-10 carrots
- 3 apples
- 1 lemon
- 1 orange
- 10-15 strawberries
(makes about 30+ oz's, depending on size of produce-feel free to add more or less of whatever, just make sure you have a good balance going)

* Super yummy breakfast, just enough sweetness and tartness! Great balance!

Green & Orange 
- 5-6 leaves of romaine lettuce
- 5-6 leaves of kale 
- 20 strawberries (depends on size)
- 2 gala apples
- 1/2 lemon
- 6-8 carrots (depends on size)
(Makes about 30 oz's depending on the size of produce, Adjust amount of veggies or fruit to your liking)

* You can drink this juice as a breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack! Tasty, but still very healthy!

Simple Green
-1 cucumber
-5-7 slices of honeydew
- 30-40 green grapes
(makes about 30 oz's depending of size of produce)

*So refreshing and delicious, and very easy to make!


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