Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Reboot Day 2 - Rash?

On the 2nd day of fast, I noticed that my bite on my back was still inflamed, and now I was getting a mild rash on my neck, inner wrists, and my lower back, all around the inflamed area. So I went back to the doctor to make sure I was okay. Well, the doctor told me it could be a reaction from the cortisone shot, because some people get reactions from the shot. My skin is already super sensitive to begin with. I was also wondering, if maybe it was because my body was detoxing and this was a reaction of the toxins trying to come out of my body. I wasn't really sure what caused the rash, but the doctor told me it would be okay to take benadryl. (Doc knew I was on a juice fast) I did some research to see if a rash can be a side effect from detox, and some people say that they have experienced rashes, but it usually goes away within a couple of days. It is not advised that you take any type medication that is not prescribed during a reboot, because it will just put toxins back in to your body, but I couldn't help it. I had to take benadryl because I had to get this rash under control. It was itching pretty bad. I also rubbed anti-itch cream on it to help soothe it. It was annoying more than anything, and I really wanted to follow through and finish this detox, so I did whatever I needed to deal with the discomfort.

Other than that day 2 actually went pretty well. Started the day off with a cup of hot water with lemon before having my morning juice. I was really loving how much energy I had from my morning juice. Even my co-workers noticed how much energy I had around the office, compared to the very tired and sleepy Dana they were used to. I was feeling great!

We also decided to try some different recipes for snacks and dessert. You should drink at least 64 ounces of juice or more a day during a reboot. If you are hungry, EAT your juice! The way I see it drink as much juice as you want until you feel full! There's really no rule that says that you can't drink too much juice. I don't think there's really a limit of how much juice you can drink a day, as long as you drink enough to keep you healthy and functioning during your fast. I wouldn't drink too much of the juices that contain more fruits than vegetables, because they can be higher in sugar, which may not be that healthy for you, and may not help you lose weight as fast, if that is your goal.

For a dessert juice, we tried a purple juice from the 3 Day Plan

Peach Pie Delight
1 sweet potato
2 ripe peaches, pitted (or pears if peaches are not in season)
1 red apple
1 handful of blueberries
dash of cinnamon

*Can we say delicious?!! It is the best juice when you are craving something sweet! Treat yo' self because you definitely need to when you are fasting, it's absolutely yummy, and still way healthier than eating an actual slice of pie!

For a snack juice we used another purple juice that still has green in it:

Red, White, Blue (& Green)
1/4 Watermelon
2 handfuls of blueberries
6-8 kale leaves

*This juice is so refreshing! Watermelon creates tons of juice so you may not need to use as much as the recipe calls for. Just depends. I personally love this recipe because it's not too sweet since the kale helps balance the taste. 

My fiancé and I were both feeling pretty good, feeling healthy and super energized, and the pounds continued to drop! We didn't do too much exercising, we just took it easy since it was still our second day. Feeling super motivated and ready for more!


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