Monday, August 5, 2013

The First Few Days...

It was time to prepare our fresh veggies and fruits, and juice them! The part of the process that takes the longest is to set aside the amount of ingredients you need and wash them all properly, to make sure they are as clean as you can get them. This was extra work for us since we were preparing for two. You can throw whole carrots, apples, oranges, and cucumbers in our juicer, so we didn't have to do too much chopping, but we did peel our lemons and oranges. 

The easiest and most fun part was to actually use the juicer. When I first threw in an ingredient, I was actually pretty scared, our juicer is pretty powerful, and the noise was loud, so I kind of had to take a step back and make sure nothing was going to pop out in to my eye or something. lol  But once we got used to it, it was actually a lot of fun! 

*Please excuse the gloves, I wouldn't recommend using gloves, I just did it for this one time because I just got my nails done and those dang beets were staining my nails. But then I realized that the gloves probably had chemicals or something on them and should not be used to handle fresh fruits and veggies. Tossed that idea out right away. =)

It was our first day, and we had the apple, carrot, and lemon juice for breakfast. Right away, I felt a burst of energy. I couldn't believe how much energy I had! I'm not a morning person at all, and it usually takes a couple cups of coffee for me to start waking up. Even after that, I still don't have enough energy. The juice tasted great, and I was loving the feeling it gave me. I called my fiancé and asked him how his breakfast was, and he was feeling super energized as well. We were starting to feel great already! Then a few hours passed, and my stomach started to growl, it was time for the Mean Green. The taste of the green juice is definitely an acquired taste, some people may not like it at first. But it definitely was not as bad as we thought it would be. Not anything gross where you need to hold your nose and down it. The kale gives it a little bit of a bitter taste, and it definitely tastes very "greeny", if that makes any sense. It didn't really bother me because I love veggies and I'm not very picky when it comes to food or drinks. My fiancé had a hard time at first. He hardly eats veggies, almost never really, and he chugged it for the first time, but is actually really liking it now. (he's a burger, french fries, pizza, and fried chicken kind of guy) By the time I got off of work, I was pretty hungry. I wasn't feeling weak or anything but I did have a headache. We didn't snack on anything, and just waited for dinner. We drank lots of water until then.  First day was a breeze!

On our second day, we had the Sunrise recipe which consisted of beets, carrots and oranges, for breakfast. This one gave us as much energy as the first, but the beets just made the juice taste too earthy. It was a little over powering. Lunch was easy, and the taste of the Mean Green started tasting even better! I did get a little weak by the time I got off of work, and so did my fiancé. But we pushed through and stuck to our plan. We also noticed that we had to go to the bathroom a lot, I mean a lot! lol You're drinking so much liquid throughout the day so it's gotta come out, and you end up peeing like every 10 minutes or so. 

*Sunrise: carrots, oranges, & beet

The next couple of days juicing became easier and easier, I looked forward to my morning juices to give me that extra pep I needed for the morning. And my Mean Green was starting to taste really delicious, like a nice healthy salad, but way more filling. 

We reached our 6th day of juicing breakfast and lunch, and our goal was to do it for a whole week, but we both felt like we were ready to go ahead and start our reboot. We felt great, healthy, energized and we both were losing weight, with barely any excercise. I lost 3 lbs and he lost 9 lbs!  (I know boys suck!! Men lose weight so much faster than women!) So we were ready to take on a Reboot challenge! We had to set a goal, and we decided we were going to fast for 12 days. We had a dinner rehearsal tasting on August 10, so we wanted to break fast then. So the challenge begins...


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